maandag 18 april 2016

Milan Design week 2016

Last week we were in Milan, during the Salone del Mobile. This is one of the most important furniture fairs and we were very proud to be presenting our work there! We joined the Dutch presentation 'Masterly - the Dutch in Milano'. This presentation, organized by Nicole Uniquole, was located in a beautiful palazzo in the center of Milano. All the products presented were of Dutch origin and most of them had a link with craftsmanship or were handmade. This was the first time in 40 years palazzo Francesco Turati was open for the public so a lot of people wanted to see the stunning old rooms. Sometimes there were 3 lines, one outside, one in the courtyard (filled with Dutch tulips) and one before these old rooms! For those who could not visit, we will show you what the presentation looked like below.

the line outside the entrance of Palazzo Francesco Turati
Dutch tulips in the courtyard
These tulips were a gift for the Milan people and given on the last sunday of the exhibition
the staircase of Palazzo Francesco Turati
our vases in one of the modern rooms of Palazzo Francesco Turati
our carved vase triangles with in the background photography of Rachel Dubbe
our vases & tiles
our wicked lamps in Palazzo Francesco Turati
the catalogue of Masterly - the Dutch in Milano
one of the old rooms in Palazzo Francesco Turati
modern design in the old rooms of Palazzo Francesco Turati
see through to the flower paintings of Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder

everybody had to wear white socks to protect the wooden floor
stunning decorations all over these old rooms in Palazzo Francesco Turati
Our picture was in 'la Repubblica' one of the biggest newspapers in Italy!

There were 125 designers and companies presenting their work in this presentation, ranging from furniture, jewellery, lighting, textile design, wallpaper, ceramics, glassware and even bikes. We will show you some other lovely work below.

ceramics by Babs Haenen
lovely glass designed by Carina Riezebos
Thomas Eurlings
beautiful prints of Studio Haeser / World of Charisma

We had some time to explore other exhibitions as well. During the Salone de Mobile there are loads of presentations in unexpected locations in town. In some areas they are grouped together (like in Ventura Lambrate, Zona Tortona), some are in very special locations somewhere hidden in the city. The fun thing is that some of them are only open for public during this week. Some presentations are very big and almost overwhelming, some are very small but evenly impressive. We will show you some of our highlights below.

the presentation of Moooi, an experience in itself!

Bird lamps at the Moooi presentation
The big bubble coloured edition by Alex de Witte
Kassiewijle presentation with huge flowers / Visser & Meijwaard
presentation of intentionally boring office furniture by Lensvelt
the most important hour of the day :) / clock by Lensvelt

Cor Unum presentation
'ice flower' by studio Wieki Somers for Thomas Eyck
presentation of 2016/ Arita - Kine'emon Toen & Kueng Caputo
2016 / Arita - Scholten & Baijings

We had a very inspirational week! We met loads of lovely people and saw amazing things (in those few hours we had left to see things our selves) Hopefully you have enjoyed our short report as well! Hope to be back next year!