woensdag 4 mei 2016

No more boring walls!

Another blogpost on colour... you might think we have a thing for it ;) I guess that is just the truth! And we try to get you along ;) We have been inspired by all these great pictures we see of coloured walls, so here is an overview for you with loads of inspiration to make sure your walls will never be boring anymore!

Start small
Start with one strip of colour if you are not too confident. Or use it as an accent in a room. You can also use wallpaper in one strip, you can even let it hang lose, so your walls will not be damaged. (another pro is that you can vary very easily if you do not glue the wallpaper to the wall)

pink stripes to accentuate a wall / found on lekkerfriss.blogspot.com
one spot of pink on your wall / found on vintagerevivals
hang a roll of wallpaper without gluing it / found at domino mag

Two - toned
You call it a trend I guess, two toned walls. Or the revival of the wainscotting ;) It is all about painting half a wall in colour. This gives a great boost of colour to your interior, without making a room looking dark for instance when you use an intense colour. If you add an extra line in an accent colour it pops even more. Painting cupboards, shelves and paintings in the same way, gives it an extra fun factor.
painting the cupboard & painting as well /picture from domaine
paint the ceiling, wall and floor in one colour / found on desiretoinspire.com
pink on the top part of the wall / found on pinterest
ochre & yellow, great with vintage & plants / found on entermyattic.blogspot.com
continue the floor on the wall! / found on obus.com.au
two bright colours make the bathroom a happy place / found on sfgirlbybay

a classy yet modern two-toned wall / vt wonen
pastelpower! / found on idcongres-be
unfinished look of a two-toned wall / found on simonaelle.com
classy! and lovely with this ceiling / found on sunnygirlsf
warm colours with warm textiles / picture by vt wonen
two colours make a separation without walls / found on the fifth watches

Look up!
Painting your ceiling makes a room very special (do it when your rooms are quite high, otherwise it makes the room feel really small) You can combine the colours with those on the wall, or just paint only your ceiling. A wow effect is almost guaranteed! You can choose to paint part of the wall in the same colour, be creative.

an emerald ceiling, very classy with the wooden floor / found on designlovefest
the colour of the ceiling continues on the wall / picture from farrow and ball
a green ceiling in a boho room, lovely! / found on mandi gubler
colour the ceiling, wall & doors! / found on chloé douglas
a red ceiling (makes the walls look pink) / found on apartment therapy
a grey ceiling continuing on the wall / found on decoidees.be
different shades of green / found on katyelliott.com
pink on the ceiling! / found on apartment therapy

Is a two-tone wall too boring for you? Then make a mural in the modern way. You can choose for instance from geometric patterns, dots, the 'unfinished painting' look or florals. Use one colour or combine a few... whatever you want :) A nice accent is painting something around a door frame, that makes it more special and a focus point in your interior.
ain't no mountain high enough / found on sogirlyblog.com
a floral door frame, very nice / picture by cath kidston home
an unfinished pink wall / found on boligliv.dk
watercolour wall / found on brit.co
geometrical wall with matching chairs / happy.mundane.com
another way to leave a wall unfinished / found on brit.co
graphic landscape / found on houzz.com
dots on the wall & floor / found on improvised life.com
coral mural / found on erictrine.com
original mural continuing on the floor / found on ssdb
graphic mountains / Haymes Color Forecast 2015
graphic in blue hues / from murals wallpaper

Accents with colour
Of course you can use colour to makes accents in your interior. Be playful and creative! Here are some examples how you can make a room special with just a few strokes of colour. Use it to accentuate certain elements in your room, like a doorway or your fireplace.

two yellow lines make a room more special / found on frenchbysedign.blogspot.com

a coloured accent next to the door / found on pinterest
a yellow accent, very playful / found on apartment therapy 
painting a colour block behind your shelf / found on designglovefest
accentuate the fireplace / found on yatzer
accentuate a doorway / vogue australia
colour on & around the fireplace / styling Cleo Scheulderman photo Jeroen van der Spek
why not accentuate more?! / via 2modern

If you want to change your colour often, or want to move it around your home you can make coloured panels. You can even paint them on both sides, or use different materials to play with texture in your interior at the same time. If you make panels out of fabric, this will also improve the acoustics in your room. You can also use a semi transparent material, this gives an extra dimension when the light shines on it. And you can use them to separate parts of your room, without blocking the view.

coloured panels with a painted wall / found on zilverblauw pinterest
coloured separation panel / found on ffffound.com
a transparent colour accent / found on beautifuldecay.com

Happy walls
Add some confetti or fringes to make a happy wall.... it is such a wall that makes you smile every time you pass it! A good way to start you day or make you instantly happy when you get back from work.
a paper fringes wall, gives such a happy vibe / found on ohjoy.com
copper foil confetti / found on ohhhmhhh.de

Hopefully we gave you enough inspiration to create your own great wall. If you need more inspiration, you can always follow our pinterest board on walls. Do you need some more colour tips? You can check our post on pastel colours or our post on intense, dark colours (written in Dutch) We did a post on spicing up your walls before, so for more ideas check this post