zondag 28 februari 2016

Moodboard: Large wicked light

Today we want to show you how you could fit in our lamp 'Large wicked light by Esmé' in your own interior. This great lamp is totally plaited by hand by our superskilled craftswoman Esmé Hofman. She is very good in the delicate wickerwork which we used in our lamp to get such awesome patterns and thus shades. Have a look at it first:

This is our 'official photo', showing the lamp in a more classical setting (don't you just love the green walls? We do!) But the large wicked light also fits in great in a modern interior and we will show you how to combine and style it. 

Let's first talk about colours and materials to combine the large wicked light with. Our lamp is totally made out of willow, so it's all natural. Therefor it combines great with other natural materials like wood (1), copper (2), leather and earthenware. Since the colour of the material is also very natural, it mixes very good with all sorts of colours... we absolutely love the combination with old pink (3) or greyish green. Makes it quite stylish and modern! 
Since the lamp has fanciful patterns in it, it is a nice detail to repeat these patterns in your interior, for instance with a lovely cupboard as shown below (1). Or combine the lamp with plants (4) with whimsical leaves and different shades. This makes your interior lively and personal!

Colours & materials which mix great with the large wicked light

Let us now show you in what kind of interiors our large wicked light looks great. The combination of our lamp with a Scandinavian styled interior is just meant to be! Think loads of white, some pops of colour and an extended use of natural materials. But you can spice that up: if you add some more colour to that, for instance a great pink wall (1) and mix up your accessories and materials it becomes a little edgier, which still fits great with our lamp. To make it a little rougher you can leave a wall untreated (2) or use some concrete, for instance on your floor or in your kitchen design.
The large wicked light also fits in marvelous in a botanical & green interior! Gather all your plants, find some botanical posters or get started with your own herbarium and later frame your results! (3). On intensely coloured walls (4) the wicked light really pops out! And since its colour is so natural, it combines with almost every shade you can think of!  


I hope we have inspired you! For more info about the large wicked light, please visit our website. We have also written two posts about how to make a green interior, if you need some more inspiration just pop over there (my house is my jungle & indoor jungle). Would you like some more pictures & insights on coloured interiors? Check out this blogpost! You can also follow us on instagram, we take loads of pictures of our products as well :)

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