dinsdag 16 februari 2016

My house is my jungle!

As of from today our posts will be in English, so hopefully more of you can read & enjoy our inspirational posts... after looking at out stats and seeing that plenty of visits were from outside the Netherlands, this seemed a logical step to take :)

Our last years post about the indoor jungle is hugely favourite with you guys (and gals), and since we are still in love with plants in our interior as well, we decided to dedicate a new post on greens and plants! This trend has been going strong for quite a while now and there is no sign of it fading yet.... and why would it? Plants make your interior lively and colourfully! It is a way to personalize your interior and make it softer & warmer. You can choose whatever plant you like (there are so many!) and how big or small you want to.... nothing is wrong, be creative :) The only 'rule' is that most plants like light and love some water, so you gotta care a little :) (check the description on the plant before you buy it and think about where you want to place it in your home)

In this post we will talk about some trending plants, fun ways to display your plants and also show some of our home favourites, so keep on reading!

Hot right now
Trending plants right now are cacti & airplants. Airplants (or more correctly 'tillandsia') need very little water and look very stylish. These evergreen plants are part of the Bromeliaceae family, which are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Moisture and nutrients are gathered from the air. There is a whole new market for accessories for airplants, since they do not need any soil, you can keep them in all sorts of containers instead of a pot. They are perfect to combine with the other trend of hanging your plant in a room. Let us show you some lovely examples.

Hang an airplant in a stylish brass hanger / found on decoist.com

lovely display for airplants / found on thedesignhunters.com

an intricate hanger! / found on etsy - SpazzHappyLineDesign
my own airplant in my home :)

Make them float!
These airplant hangers are just lovely! The trend of hanging other plants in your room is also still going strong.... with macrame hangers or with other kinds of hangers.... whatever style you like, you can find something to hang your plant with :) Make rows of shelves to create a green wall, or hang some plants above a dresser!

plants hanging from simple dots / bolia
make a green wall by hanging rows of plants / found at brico bistro
loads of different ways to hang your plants / top f.l.t.r: bloglovin - small garden ideas - unknown  middle f.l.t.r.: enter my attic - Audrey Jeanne - atknots.bigcartel.com - bottom f.l.t.r. notonthehighstreet.com - mr kitly au - Ellie Larson
a nice DIY project this hanger / found on monstercircus

hang some plants above a dresser / found on shopstyle.com

Thorny, but lovely!
Cacti are an old time favourite of some people who say they are not good with plants. Since a few years they are hugely fashionable as well and the favourite of stylists worldwide :) Combine a lot of small cacti on a table or shelf, to create a bigger impact. They are great to create a plant still-life in your room, together with your other beloved styling items.

thorny cacti combine lovely with sweet pink pots / sf girl by bay

a real plant gang, with a cactus / Anette - look! pimp your room

combine plants with different shapes and colours / sf girl by bay

cacti group with other natural materials / sf girl by bay

a cacti wall! / found on kaktuskbh.dk

A way to have loads of plants, without them taking up all the floor space is to make a plantshelf. Put your plants on shelves on your wall and you will make a room green very quickly! Combine it with your books, photo's and other cherished items to make it a very personal shelf. Make a picture of it and you'll have a plantshelfie :)

plants on the ground & the shelves / picture by dabito on flickr

Great combi with the green background and wood / found on string.se
instant happiness this plantshelfie / sinnenrausch

loads of plants in a small space / from entermyattic
copper shelves with plants / found on homedit.com

 great for small houses / found on refinery29

lovely, diverse plant shelf! / by KT Robbins Ceramics

plantshelves to the extreme :) / found on malababa.com

For more impact try to combine and group your plants. If you place them on several heights (for instance on a ladder or other furniture) you immediately have a green zone in your home. Grouping small plants can make it look less messy and more green :) A dresser, bench or shelf is a great place to do this.

a vertical plant gang / by curate & display

plants on the (lovely cork) bench / found on mundadaa.blogspot.it
my own plants gathered together!
great in combination with the flower poster / found on oldbrandnew.blogspot.com

plant tray table / sf girl by bay
plants everywhere :) / by mllepoirot
 a great rack to keep a whole lotta plants in a small place / found on tumblr

a concentration of green / found on woonblog.typepad.com

plants above the door & around, love it! / found on gardeningman xyz

Pot, can, barrel, jug or jar?
A side effect of this plant trend is that there are more and more nice pots to put your plants in. There are some trends in these as well, we see a lot of copper and brass and also the geometric patterns are popular. Plant stands are hugely trendy as well! And there are a lot of funny pots and add-ons, like garlands and small paper houses. You can also put your plants in other containers like drawers, old tins or old toys. It is a small playground where you can do whatever you like! So go ahead!

pots like heads add some emotion to your plant :) / found on heju.fr

planting is fun! / top f.l.t.r.: sagaform greenhouse from ontwerpduo photo by zilverblauw -  anastasiart on flickr - middle f.l.t.r.: MinkyMooCeramics on etsy - Noe Marin on Etsy - unknown on etsy - bottom f.l.t.r.: creema - etsy - unknown
one of my own plants is in an old bird cage, the other is an old sport price cup :)

plant stands / ferm living

nice trays to put plants on / found on navetsthlm.com

vertical garden / Główna Osobowa Kitchen and Bar - PB Studio

trendy pots / top f.l.t.r.: lgl - notonthehighstreet.com - middle f.l.t.r.: theyallhateus - etsy - dotandbo.com - bottom f.l.t.r.: mycraftyspot.com - babble - shauna dieter

plants in your night stand / ikea

Botanical prints and illustrations are very popular nowadays, they combine great with real plants and give a green feeling to your house as well, without having to invest or care for a lot of plants. It is fun to make your own herbarium and you can find loads of books about it for inspiration and tips & tricks. In the Netherlands there is this book 'Pocket herbarium' which has the best illustrations and photo's to get you all excited about this subject.

pocket herbarium book / photo by Zilverblauw

 make dried pants and flowers your self... / olifenay on instagram

...and then frame them! / found on anthologymag.com

frames to show all kinds of nature / found on ebom

Can't make it? Fake it!
If you still think you can not keep any plant alive, there are loads of illustrations and posters you can buy to create that green feeling in your interior. Hilde Mork for instance makes very beautiful and stylish photographs of (among other) flowers and plants. And we love the illustration work of Liekeland, where plants are a returning topic as well. 

Hilde Mork

Make a green impression by using botanical prints / blog aprilandmay.com

this looks really green with just a few plants / found on frenchfancy

Start shopping :)
Where can you buy all your plants? Of course you can go to your local garden nursery. But there are some specialty shops popping up as well. 
Blesh you in Nijmegen sells second hand plants with a story. If you can not take care for your plant anymore, you can donate it to them and they will find a new owner for it. You can also find special, new plants in their shop. Lovely initiative!
Wildernis in Amsterdam is a store where you can buy everything for a greener life. It is their mission to make Amsterdam greener, outside and inside. And with this lovely shop I guess you can't really resist :) They have  lovely workshops as well, go check their site.

Blesh you shop in Nijmegen

Wildernis in Amsterdam / photo by Judith de Graaff - Urban Jungle bloggers

Do you feel an instant drive to get more plants? Hope so! If you would like to share some plantshelfies with us, or other nice plantpictures, please do so over on instagram (with #myhouseismyjungle) Do you need some more inspiration? Check out our pinterest board!